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Divorce Before 30? How to Move Forward

A divorce before 30 is often a sensitive topic — but it doesn’t have to be. There are many advantages to “divorcing young.” If you’re going through a divorce (or have recently gone through one), then you already know that you weren’t with the right partner for you. In that situation, it’s better to get […]

How Cohabitation Affects Alimony in California

In California, cohabitation can make the topic of alimony quite complex. If you’re pursuing a divorce and wondering how cohabitation will impact your alimony, read on. What is “Cohabitation” Legally? Cohabitation means more than just living together. Largely, cohabitation indicates a deeper relationship than simply sharing a home with someone — a deeper relationship than simply being […]

Business Valuations in Divorce

What happens when you divorce your spouse and need to split up a business? Commonly, one spouse will buy out the other spouse — one person will retain the business while the other will get cash for its value. But it can be hard to value a business, especially a small-to-midsized business. How do you […]

The Impact of a Child’s Preference in Custody Awards

Are you going through a custody dispute in the state of California? If so, then you may be curious as to what legal weight (if any) your child’s parental preference has on the outcome of your case. By having a better understanding of California law in regard to child preference, you can better advocate for […]

Preliminary Financial Disclosures & How They Affect Divorce

If you’re going through the process of getting divorced (or plan to in the near future), one thing you’ll want to be aware of is the importance of completing a preliminary financial disclosure. This disclosure should be filled out by both you and your soon-to-be ex spouse, as these disclosures play an important role in […]

Understanding the Emotional Stages of Divorce

From a young age, children around the world dream of the day that they get married. From the Fairy Tale reverence that Hollywood grants marriage to the core values that religious institutions place within it, it is easy to see why the process is so important. In 2017, nearly half of all American’s aged over […]

How Divorce Physically Affects Children

Going through a divorce is difficult enough when there are no shared children involved. Unfortunately, when a couple with children decides to legally separate, things can quickly become exponentially more challenging. Children of all ages are very prone to the emotional and even physical toll that a parents’ divorce can cause. By being aware of the ways in […]

Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney in California

If you’ve decided to end your marriage and seek a divorce, you probably have many questions. Unfortunately, too many people head for divorce court without having adequate knowledge about divorce. For this reason, Erica Bloom Law has put together five questions you should be asking your divorce attorney in California. When is My Divorce Finalized? […]

Why a Premarital Agreement May be Invalidated

A premarital agreement is a critical method of protecting assets you bring into a marriage. While it’s important to trust the person you’re marrying, some people have ulterior motives and may file for divorce later solely to get half of those assets. Fortunately, you can work with a qualified attorney to draw up a prenuptial […]