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How Long Do I Have To Pay Spousal Support?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging times in someone’s life. Not only is this going to mark the end of a meaningful relationship and add a lot of stress to your personal life and emotional health, it can also be quite costly. One expense that occurs by one party in […]

Divvying Up Inherited Assets In A Divorce

Property settlements in divorce proceedings A property settlement is an agreement entered into by divorcing spouses. Its purpose is to provide an equitable and agreed division of their assets between them. The agreement covers property that the couple obtained either before or during marriage. The agreement could also cover issues of alimony and child support […]

Your Guide To Prenuptial Agreements

When it comes to falling in love, planning for the wedding, and dreaming of a happily ever after ending to the story, it is easy to lose sight of important points and considerations. When the soon to be married couple gets swept up in the romance of wedding planning a simple yet sad truth can […]

Non-Physical Domestic Violence

One of the most common misconceptions about domestic violence is that it has to be physical. While there’s no doubt that hitting, pushing, biting–and worse–are all abusive behaviors, they’re not the only ways that someone can be abusive. Abuse usually includes more than just physical violence. For example, research shows that 95% of men who physically abused […]

What Is Parallel Parenting?

Divorce and separation can be challenging for parents as well as children. It’s important to come up with an arrangement that allows parents and children to continue developing their natural bonds while making sure that the parents can resolve any potential conflicts that arise during the divorce process. Parallel parenting allows both parents to stay […]

Building Your Support Network During Divorce

Divorce is not easy for anyone. It creates an immense amount of mental and financial stress, even when both parties agree. Every person going through a divorce needs a support system to help them get through the emotions, legalities, financial decisions, and other elements of a divorce. Every person’s divorce support network looks different. However, […]

What Is Gaslighting In A Relationship?

Gaslighting is a term that has grown increasingly common in recent years. Often used but less likely to be understood, gaslighting is a serious form of manipulation put in play by abusers. A simple example of gaslighting could include a rude remark at dinner, denied later by the defamatory individual. Saying, “I didn’t insult you” […]

Is It Legal In California To Record My Spouse During Our Divorce?

Equipped with little more than a cellphone, it doesn’t take much to have a high-quality recording device within arm’s reach at all times. Technology has fundamentally changed the way that we live our lives and that has manifested in how we interact with one another, particularly in the legal realm. Couples undergoing a potentially contentious […]

How To Celebrate The Holidays After Divorce (And Keep Your Sanity!)

A divorce can cause a lot of conflicts, even after it’s over. As the holidays approach, you may feel uncertain about how to celebrate the holidays post-divorce without worrying about losing your sanity. The following tips will help you make the holidays more enjoyable and ensure you can find your new normal after your divorce. […]

Your 2021 Checklist For A California Divorce

It’s never easy to go through a divorce, but sometimes you need to dissolve a marriage that isn’t benefitting you any longer. Once you’ve made the difficult choice to seek a divorce, there are things you must do to prepare yourself so that the process isn’t any more challenging than it needs to be. This […]