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Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney in California

If you’ve decided to end your marriage and seek a divorce, you probably have many questions. Unfortunately, too many people head for divorce court without having adequate knowledge about divorce. For this reason, Erica Bloom Law has put together five questions you should be asking your divorce attorney in California. When is My Divorce Finalized? […]

Why a Premarital Agreement May be Invalidated

A premarital agreement is a critical method of protecting assets you bring into a marriage. While it’s important to trust the person you’re marrying, some people have ulterior motives and may file for divorce later solely to get half of those assets. Fortunately, you can work with a qualified attorney to draw up a prenuptial […]

What is Spousal Support in California?

Understanding California Spousal Support If you find yourself entangled in a California spousal support case, you may not understand the subtleties of this type of legal agreement. Spousal support awards are not meant as punitive damages — they simply aim to compensate one spouse fairly and reasonably if that spouse suffers significant loss of marital […]

Why Your Date of Separation Matters

As with most states, having their own sets of rules or guidelines when it comes to legal options is customary. In California, this holds true with divorce. The date of separation in a divorce case matters in the state of California, and it can impact your case in a few different ways that may be […]

Surprising Divorce Advice You Actually Need

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking it will only last a short time. People want marriage to be forever, as that is what it is intended for. However, as time passes, the divorce rates keep increasing, and this is especially true if someone gets married more than once. Here is some advice that may surprise […]

Is a Post-Quarantine Divorce Boom Around the Corner?

With so many couples quarantining together the last few months, it’s a safe bet that many have had arguments, realized things about each other, and may no longer feel the same love that they did before. This is leading a lot of people to believe there may be a post-quarantine boom around the corner. It […]

10 Money Mistakes People Make In A Divorce

In any legal matter, mistakes want to be avoided at all costs, that is just common sense. In a divorce though, mistakes can be even more glaring, especially when money is involved. Make sure these ten money mistakes are avoided if you or a loved one are going through a divorce, and it can make […]

Divorce Decrees and Remarriage

Although divorce may unfortunately be common in today’s world, so is getting remarried, which is a great thing. When people get divorced, then want to re-marry, a lot of questions arise about the process, and how the divorce impacts them. One of those is the divorce decree, and how it factors into getting remarried. The […]

Discussing Divorce Goals With Attorney

When you hire an attorney of any kind, they should certainly be aware of your case, and the ins and outs of the laws of what is being accomplished. That much is a given. When it comes to a divorce both parties have goals for the outcome of the case, and whether the attorney knows […]

When Does Child Support End?

When going through a divorce with children involved, there are many financial aspects to consider, and to plan for, from both sides of the divorce. One of these is child support, and who will be paying, how much, and for how long. Although it may seem as though child support never ends, there is an […]