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Advice Before Your Divorce

Obviously divorce is a difficult time, and there are many ways to approach it, depending on the situation between you and the other party. Many people will give advice, whether they have been through a divorce or not. There are a few things though, that you should definitely be aware of and prepared for. Divorcing […]

Helping Your Kids Process Divorce

Divorce is never easy for anyone, and if there are children in the picture it can be especially hard on them. They may question if it was their fault, if they will be able to maintain a relationship with both parents, and other things. If you are going through a divorce and want some reassurance […]

Helping Your Children Transition Post-Divorce

If your children are having a difficult time opening up to the idea of you having a new partner, you are not alone. This is a common issue that divorced parents deal with and it’s important to be aware that this just might happen to you once you re-enter the dating scene. Here are a […]

Mental Illness in a Divorce Case

With the topic of mental health on the rise, there is an especially prevalent surge of questions regarding mental illness when dealing with divorce. When placed in the instance of a divorce, your mental health and your spouses mental health are brought into question. This blog post answers the million dollar question, “Can mental illness […]

9 Mistakes to Immediately Avoid During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. More times than not, the divorce process is a birthplace of mistakes and regrets from both parties. Although the experience is emotionally draining, you can make it easier on yourself and your loved ones if you avoid a few of these common areas of havoc. “Divorce is […]

What Not To Do In Divorce Court

If you are going through a divorce and you have to go to court to reach a settlement with your former spouse, there are several things you should not do.  When you are in the courtroom it is important to be respectful and not let your emotions get the best of you.  You can make […]

Asking For a Prenup

Couples that are heading towards engagement or that are newly engaged are likely thinking about what married life will be like. Thoughts might be crossing their minds like ‘Are we going to have kids right away?’, ‘Are we combining finances?’, and ‘Should we sign a prenup?’. Yes, that last thought does cross a lot of […]

Risk Factors for Divorce

Divorce is commonly talked about these days as about half of marriages end in divorce.  Since this is the case, research is done and speculation is made about if there are commonalities across marriages that end in divorce.  The article below discusses common risk factors, but don’t panic – if any of the risk factors […]

Getting Divorced in Your 20s

Currently, half of all marriages end in divorce.  The average age men and women get married spans from 24.7 to 30.5 across the 50 states, so it is possible for people to get divorced in their 20s.  Some people feel like failures for getting married and divorced so young.  Getting divorced in your 20s should […]

Ask Yourself These Questions

If you are separated from your spouse and divorce papers are being filed, you need to know exactly where you are at in life — financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Getting divorced is a huge change/disruption of one’s life and things can get stressful, overwhelming and emotional. So, it is extremely helpful to ask yourself […]