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Things to Overcome for Successful Co-Parenting

One of the biggest reasons couples consider avoiding a divorce is their children.  The idea of making kids live between two separate households is too unbearable for some parents, so they stick it out in their marriage.  With divorce being fairly common these days, there are plenty of couples who show that co-parenting can work […]

Divorce and Your Credit Score

If you are going through a divorce you know that all parts of your life are affected from where you live, to how much time you get to spend with your kids, to your financial status, to your overall well-being. One area a lot of people worry the most about is how their finances will […]

Concurring Child Custody

When a couple gets divorced with children it sometimes plays out that one parent pays the other child support to help with expenses in the child’s life or children’s lives. It might be difficult for some to understand why they need to pay child support, but with the nine tips offered below it might become […]

Hidden Assets

When you are in the middle of a divorce, you will find that one of the hardest conversations will be about finances. If you have joint accounts, expect some debate as to who gets how much and why. There are opportunities for your former spouse to hide assets, too, however. They may have income you […]

Tips for Positive Co-Parenting

If you get divorced and have children, there are many scenarios that can play out. Unless there are extreme circumstances, co-parenting is a great option for the good of the kids. It might be challenging to want to co-parent with your ex but it can be done if you both agree to put the kids […]

All Parts of Divorce Explored

Divorce, unfortunately, is quite common these days. Sometimes divorce happens amicably for honest reasons while, other times, divorce is the result of not-so-great things. You probably know someone who has been divorced or maybe you are going through one yourself. Regardless, it is a big thing to wrap your mind around. This article below dives […]

The Don’ts of Divorce

Throughout a divorce things can get tough emotionally, financially and personally. You might catch yourself saying or doing things on impulse that you would not normally say or do. Your goal should be to have divorce proceedings go as smooth and calm as possible. Use the tips in the blog post below as guidance of […]

Starting 2017 Fresh

If you got divorced in 2016 and still cannot seem to find your new ‘normal’ or have a divorce that will be finalized in the new year, consider making your new year’s resolution to find peace with your former spouse and your own happiness. Use the pointers highlighted in the article below as a starting […]

Suing A Spouse…

Most people would think lawsuits between spouses don’t happen, but unfortunately sometimes they do. This may happen if something truly catastrophic or damaging happens and someone needs to protect themselves and/or their assets. Now this wasn’t always possible, but as laws have changed so has this circumstance. Read more about the legalities of this in […]

Letting Go

Divorce brings on changes, emotional roller coasters, a new sense of self and much more. There are things you gain and things you lose, too. Some might be by choice, but some are simply reciprocal effects from the separation. You have the choice to let go of certain feelings and items after everything is said […]